The “Burrito” method of putting on duvet cover

If you find yourself flinging the comforter inside when you try to put on a duvet cover. Why do not try our “Burrito” method? Follow these 6 easy steps to get started!
  1. Turn your duvet cover inside out and lay it flaton the bed. The closure is at the foot of the bed, and take out the ties.
  2. Place your duvet on top of the cover, make sure the duvet and cover are aligned and tied up.
    02-Place your duvet on the top of cover and make sure the alignment
  1. From the sealed end of the inside-out cover, roll the cover and duvet in a tight roll toward the open end.
    03-Roll tightly from the head to the foot of the bed
  1. Once there, flip a corner of the roll right-side out. Do this on the other corner, too.Then close the closure.
    04-Flip the opening of the duvet cover to both sides
  1. Unroll the duvet carefully. Make sure to shake and straighten as you go so the filling is evenly distributed. Then give it one last fluff and you’re done!
    5-Unroll the duvet from the foot to the head of the bed
  2. Enjoy your time on ZHHHome ultimate luxury bedding!

  Seems pretty straightforward, right? It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but soon you’ll be putting your duvet cover on in seconds.

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